PhD Thesis

Waigl, C. F. (2017). “Satellite remote sensing of active wildfires in Alaska’s boreal forest.” PhD thesis. Fairbanks, AK, USA: University of Alaska Fairbanks. (pdf)

Peer-reviewed articles and book chapters

Waigl, C. F., Anupma Prakash, Martin Stuefer, David L. Verbyla, and Philip E. Dennison. (2019) “Fire Detection and Temperature Retrieval Using EO-1 Hyperion Data over Selected Alaskan Boreal Forest Fires.” International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, vol. 81, pp. 72–84.

Starkenburg, D. P., C. F. Waigl, and R. Gens. 2018. “Chapter 3: Nurturing a Geospatially Empowered Next Generation.” In Emerging Trends in Open Source Geographic Information Systems, edited by Naveenchandra N. Srivastava, 270. IGI Global.

Waigl, C. F., Martin Stuefer, Anupma Prakash, and Charles Ichoku. (2017) “Detecting High and Low-Intensity Fires in Alaska Using VIIRS I-Band Data: An Improved Operational Approach for High Latitudes.” Remote Sensing of Environment 199 (September):389–400.

Waigl, C. F., Anupma Prakash, Akida Ferguson, and Martin Stuefer. (2015) “Chapter 24 - Coal-Fire Hazard Mapping in High-Latitude Coal Basins: A Case Study from Interior Alaska.” In Coal and Peat Fires: A Global Perspective, edited by Ellina V. Sokol, Glenn B. Stracher, and Anupma Prakash, 3:633–49. Boston: Elsevier.

Published abstracts

Stuefer, M., C. F. Waigl, and C. K. Kim. (2014) “Alaska Wildfire Observations and Near Real-Time Emission Modeling with WRF-Chem.” In Proceedings of the International Smoke Symposium. October 21-24, 2013, Hyattsville, Maryland.

Articles in preparation

Waigl, C. F., Anupma Prakash, and Martin Stuefer. (2018) “Sub-Pixel Fire Characterization and Sensitivity Analysis with Viirs I- and M-Band Data.” Manuscript in preparation.

Conference talks

Waigl, C. F. (2017) “Improved Operational Approaches to High- and Low-Intensity Fire Detection in Alaska Using the Viirs I-Band Fire Detection Algorithm for High Latitudes (VIFDAHL),” Talk presented at the workshop Opportunities to Apply Remote Sensing in Boreal/Arctic Wildfire Management and Science, Fairbanks, Alaska, April 5, 2017.

Waigl, C. F., A. Prakash, M. Stuefer, and C. M. Ichoku. (2016) “Using Npp-Suomi Viirs I-Band Data to Delineate High- and Low-Intensity Burn Areas for Forest Fires in Interior Alaska.” In AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts. GC42C-02. Talk presented at the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Waigl, C. F. (2015) “Data Usability in the Context of Remote Sensing Data.” Talk presented at the Summer Meeting of the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP), Asilomar, CA, July 15, 2015.

Waigl, C. F., M. Stuefer, G. Grell, and A. Prakash. (2013) “Refining Source Input for Wildfire Emissions Forecasts with Remote Sensing and Modeling.” Talk presented at the 2013 ARSC Weather Symposium, Fairbanks, AK.

Poster presentations

Prakash, A., R. Gens, J. Cristobal, C. F. Waigl, M. S. Balazs, P. R. Graham, C. E. Butcher, and E. B. Sparrow. (2015) “Using Place-Based Independent Class Projects as a Means to Hone Research Skills and Prepare a Future Geospatial Workforce.” In AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts. ED22B-07.

Prakash, A., M. Buchhorn, J. Cristobal, R. F. Kokaly, P. R. Graham, C. F. Waigl, D. L. Hampton, M. Werdon, N. Guldager, M. Bertram, and M. Stuefer. (2015) “Field-Based and Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging for Applied Research in the State of Alaska.” In AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts. GC23K-1233.

Waigl, C. F., A. Prakash, M. Stuefer, and P. E. Dennison. (2014) “Fire Characterization and Fire-Related Land Cover Classification Using Hyperion Data over Selected Alaskan Boreal Forest Fires.” In AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts. GC33D-0551.

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Waigl, C., M. Stuefer, and A. Prakash (2013) “Remote Sensing of Alaskan Boreal Forest Fires at the Pixel and Sub-Pixel Level: Multi-Sensor Approaches and Sensitivity Analysis.” In AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts. B51H-0399.

Waigl, C., A. Prakash, and M. Stuefer. (2012) “Sub-Pixel Characterization of Alaskan Boreal Forest Fires Using Medium-Resolution Satellite-Borne Infrared Remote Sensing.” In AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts. NH53A-1813.

Waigl, C. F., M. Stuefer, B. Perkins, M. Ivey, J. Zirzow, W. Brower, J. Ivanoff, and C. Stuart. (2012) “NSA Corrective Maintenance Reporting: A Status Report.” Poster presented at the ARM Science Team Meeting, Crystal City, VA, March 15, 2012.